Retap Glass Bottle 500ml


The Retap Bottles are especially designed for drinking water. The simple and functionalistic Scandinavian design guarantees a great water flow. Made from borosilicate glass. Retap bottles are easy to clean in the dishwasher to assure that your water stays clean and is safe to drink. 500ml capacity. Refilling a reusable bottle is easy, inexpensive and the simplest act of personal environmentalism you can make. By refilling a reusable Retap bottle you help lessen the environmental impact of transporting water all over the world and significantly reduce the mountains of trash created by plastic bottles.





Product Size

190 x 80mm

Print Size

35 x 35mm

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R1002 Retap Glass Bottle 500ml 705 0
R1020 Retap Bottle Lid - Light Blue 379 0
R1023 Retap Bottle Lid - Dark Blue 479 0
R1024 Retap Bottle Lid - Black 467 0
R1026 Retap Bottle Lid - Strong Green 344 0
R1027 Retap Bottle Lid - Forest Green 408 0
R1028 Retap Bottle Lid - Yellow 237 0
R1029 Retap Bottle Lid - Orange 238 0
R1030 Retap Bottle Lid - Red 492 0
R1031 Retap Bottle Lid - Frosted White 234 0